BEST How Do I Clean A Terrazzo Floor

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Terrazzo is an adaptable, solid, and exquisite ground surface choice that has immortal intrigue. Invented by Venetian craftsmen during the fifteenth century, terrazzo is comprised of marble chips set in a concrete or epoxy base, at that point ground level, cleaned, and fixed. Terrazzo is additionally an incredible, eco-friendly choice as it requires little maintenance and can even substitute reused glass or different materials in lieu of marble.


Like all ground surfaces, terrazzo requires routine upkeep to keep it looking incredible. Sand, rock, and other debris can scrape the cleaned surface, giving it a dreary or dull appearance. Floor sprinters and mats in high-traffic zones will help diminish surface damage. Likewise, since terrazzo is permeable, spills will recolor the surface whenever left untreated. It is more prone to high acidity such as spilled carbonated beverages, cleaning operators, sauces, and so forth. These can engrave the terrazzo.

How Do I Clean A Terrazzo Floor
How Do I Clean A Terrazzo Floor

Routine Maintenance Program

Developing a routine maintenance plan will keep floors looking great. Here is how to approach regular cleaning of terrazzo flooring:

Daily:Wipe wet spillage immediately. The longer a spill sits, the more the damage it can cause to your terrazzo. Sweep high-traffic areas frequently.

Weekly/monthly: Damp mop floors using a pH neutral cleaner, or a solution designed specifically for terrazzo floors. Either rinse or towel dry floors; never let cleaning solution dry on the surface as it could cause staining or cloudiness of the finish.

Annually: An expert cleaning surface has sophisticated equipment and cleaners that can reestablish damages and clean surfaces back to its unique radiance. Look for this service whenever you notice indications of wear.

Hiring a Professional

If your terrazzo floor has lost its blistering properties, or has stains you cannot remove with simple cleaning, it’s advisable to hire a floor restoration specialist. A professional will be able not only to strip the sealer off the floor and reapply it properly, but they can also polish the floor’s surface effectively with standard equipment to restore its original shine. If you aren’t experienced with cleaning different flooring types, hiring professional floor cleaners is the best and safer way. Many cleaners offer quotes or will have an online pricing list, allowing you to see if their services fit within your budget.

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