Coronavirus Website Design Tips

BEST Coronavirus Website Design Tips

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This ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic has affected everyone and your business is no different. Even if you are considered significant, or can work remotely, you will still be affected. Your business will either depend on or work with affected organizations. And if their organizations have dropped off, it will affect your business as well.

I’ve seen many local businesses just close their doors. In my opinion, they quit and gave up. They aren’t hungry. Because at the end of the day, there’s always an approach to adapt and overcome any obstacle.

What can be done? What can we do in order to get on the offenses as opposed to quitting?

Review Your Website

Now is the time to review your website. Go through all the content on your website, click through every page and make sure your content makes sense. If there are wrong spellings or grammatical errors, fix them immediately.

If you can’t edit your website yourself, that’s a shame. Every one of our customers have access to their website. They can edit their content (among other options) which includes text and images. There is no reason you should be paying someone for website editing unless you are always busy.

To enable us review your website, contact our Atgro team today.

In addition, fill out all the contact forms on your website, ensure the emails are delivered, set up auto responders and make sure all the language make sense.

Check your website on your phone or tablet. Rotate the screen and make sure everything looks okay. Again, navigate through all the pages on these devices as well.


For your site, probably the most ideal ways you can exploit this time is to compose. That is what I’m doing here. You can do that on your blog. You have to begin presenting on it as much as you can. Daily, if possible.

What would it be advisable for you to compose?

Consider your clients. What situation are they facing now that you can assist them with?

Doubtlessly, since the virus hit, you’ve had some exceptional conditions emerge in yours or your client’s organizations. Discussion about those circumstances. Clarify the circumstance like a contextual analysis. Start with where your client was at and where they are currently after your assistance.

Showcase your projects or customers, I’ve been expounding a great deal on past and current activities. In each post, I clarify the point of view behind every decision that was made. My objective is that others will understand this and become more educated on web design for their business.

Tell your story. Write a blog post or do a video recording explaining your business story. How did you get started? If you own an eatery, write a post or record a videoabout each dish that you serve.


I’ve seen a few organizations completely flopping right now. One eatery specifically, closed their doors a couple of days into the lockdown order. I looked at their Facebook page, and they had posted multiple times this year. In my opinion, they could’ve invested more energy.

Then again, my companion who has an eatery post a couple of times each day. And not just on their own Facebook page, but also active Facebook groups that have a lot of eyeballs. He has told his whole network that they are still in business and providing takeout and delivery options. I think when this is all over, his business will be better than anyone might have expected. Since during this time, many restaurants in his area have closed, however, his eatery stays open. I know for a fact that that he has increased numerous clients that otherwise, he wouldn’t have had if those different organizations hadn’t closed. A great example of taking advantage of every chance you’re given.

We’ve been adding a lot of COVID-19 banners and notifications on our customer’s websites. It’s important that you let your customers and prospects understand the state of your business. How is your business reacting to the situation? What are you doing to make sure your business and customers are served, safely? Has your business been impacted? Let your customers know exactly the state of your businesses right now.


Remember, a lot of people are now at home due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. People are less busy nowadays. This is a good time to communicate with your customers on social media and on your website. You may never see your customers with this amount of free time again. Use it to your own advantage.

Web Design Services

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Stay safe!

Coronavirus Website Design Tips
Coronavirus Website Design Tips