What is the Best Youtube Video downloader for your PC (updated 2021)

best YouTube Video downloader

Are you looking for the best YouTube Video downloader available in one place?


That’s great because we must save the most precious thing that is TIME. A few days ago, I also wanted a video downloader but couldn’t find both quality and the quantity at the same place. Then I decided to research and after wandering on the Internet for hours, collected a few free YouTube downloaders.

Let me now share them with you to save hours which I have already invested.

Hope it will be helpful, time-saving and let you download amazing videos easily.


Before moving forward towards the list of Best YouTube Video, downloader let us know that why we need them?

If videos are available on the internet so, then why you want to download them?

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Reasons why People download YouTube video?

1. Buffering Irritates:

The reasons can vary, you might get it quickly if I give you an example of a child. When your kid is watching a cartoon movie online, and if it starts loading/buffering due to internet issue so suddenly your child would start crying.

If you are a parent so there can’t be any other reason than this to have it.

Some people download videos and perform their tasks simultaneously. When they do with their work, they watch the playlist without any trouble.

2. Access Youtube Videos Offline:


Suppose you are wandering in YouTube looking for something. During that, you like some videos, but you are not in the mood to watch on the spot, so you can have them in your mobile or PC for later using video Downloader tool.

And also,

The Internet is not available everywhere like if you have a flight and you have to cover long distance alone so, offline videos can help you there as well.

3. Back up of personal content:

You made a video, uploaded indirectly on YouTube and forgot to save it in your PC.

Now what?

For watching it again or when you want to show it to someone you have to browse it over the internet.

So instead of doing all this, download it once using one of the best downloader mentioned below and accessed it easily. You don’t have to wait if there are any technical issues regarding the Internet or any other problem.

These were the primary three reasons which forced us to buy the best YouTube Downloader.

One thing more!

From the word “buy” I remembered an important point that is What factors we must keep in mind before buying it. Let’s think and discuss them briefly one by one.

In case I missed adding any factor that is important so feel free to remind me in the comments below.

Things to Consider before Downloading/Buying a Best YouTube Video Downloader.

There are a few factors which combinedly make a good pick. We must select a thing wisely; only a few people have the skill to have the best product/software/course at a low price. It requires proper knowledge only then you can have the best in the budget.

  • Price:

Price is an important factor because we all are working for money and when it comes about investing so we should go for the one which suits our budget. Here most of the software which I would discuss would be free of cost.

If they are not free, then think what is different in the YouTube downloader for which you are going to pay?

If you get a valid answer and they are offering you some extra or useful features so only then go for it.

  • Output options

Is the downloader you are going to have will give you the required output format?

Must check it before buying the one because some smartphones don’t support all formats.

Does it give the best quality output? Try your best to go for the one which supports all possible qualities from 4K to 144P.

One thing more is the conversions, check the conversion outputs as well. Here you will get complete help regarding output format, quality, and conversion outputs.

  • Easy to use:

If it’s about me, so I would love to have the YouTube downloader which can quickly download the video.

I am sure you also want the same because if we can do something quickly, then we should not put ourselves in doing it through a complicated process.

So, go for the downloader which can be easily used and complete your task within seconds.

  • Customer support:

Sometimes the software stops working, and you can’t understand that why it is so.

In this situation you would want to contact customer support center to know about the issue and when it will resolve.

Here a question arises!

Does the software you are going to have possessed customer support for its users?

If yes, then go for it because you will not feel trouble if your YouTube downloader stops working.

  • Download speed:

How much time will it take to download a video?

The download speed id the last one to discuss here but no less critical. Nowadays no one can wait for long, so the downloader which can make the video available in less time is the best one.

Now you are ready to purchase or install as you have enough knowledge about software to downloader YouTube videos.

Let’s talk about each one by on

YouTube downloader

Video downloader is software that can download various types of material like videos.  It is software that is very important to download any king of video from YouTube.  It is also a web brose that support the file downloading of YouTube videos.  We can install, delete and mange file from this app.  When we enter a URL in this app the related data will open in this app.  The related videos of URL will come on the top.  The YouTube downloader has much more important features, this feature are following:

Product description:

  • Size
  • Version
  • Application permission
  • Developed by
  • Maximum operating system
  • Approximate download time
  • ASIN
  • Reveal date
  • Amazon best seller rank
  • External storage
  • Internal storage
  • Size:

The size or pace of the YouTube downloader is very unique. it is about  1. 6 to 1.9 MBS. It is a very unique size that makes it very unique from other products of this kind. 

  • Version:

The version of the YouTube downloader is very update.  Its latest version is 1.1.8.  it is much more unique version that makes it very important. 

  • Application permission:

This unique YouTube downloader has much more unique features, out f which open network socket is also a function of YouTube downloader.  The other most important feature of the YouTube downloader is that it excess information about network.  It also allows sending in app billing request that is also a important feature of this software.  It not only sends in app billing request but also mange app billing transaction.

  • Developed by:

The YouTube downloader is developed by TROYPOINT. Com

  • Approximate download time:

The YouTube downloader software is very unique software and it has unique download time.  So we can say that the YouTube downloader has approximate download time.

  • ASIN:

The YouTube downloader has ASIN that is BO1NOBP507.

  • Reveal date:

The original reveal date of YouTube downloader is November 11, 2016

  • Amazon best seller rank:

The YouTube downloader is a very unique product of Amazon.   It’s a best product that everyone can buy it with confident.

  • Internal storage:

The YouTube downloader have unique internal storage, it allow fire TV, fire sticks and fire TV edition television.  It can easily download files from internet into the device.   It helps to download multiple files from multiple websites.

  • good external storage:

The YouTube downloader has a unique external storage.  We can download multiple files in this software.  The YouTube downloader software is a very unique.

 2 Tube for YouTube

YouTube is also software that is used for downloading videos and other material from any site or mainly from YouTube. There are many more important features of this software.  We can search anything and can get relevant content with the helpful of this useful software.   The tube for YouTube has following characteristic:

  • Size
  • Version
  • Developed by
  • App permission
  • Minimum operating system
  • Approximate download time
  • ASIN
  • Reveal date


The size of the tube for YouTube is 28.7MB. it is unique size of this software.


The version of this software is very unique and is 1.7.

Developed by:  

This software has much more unique characteristics and is developed by yang app. 

Application permission:

It gives many more benefits like internal and internal storage.  It also give audio record benefits.

Minimum operating system:

It is a unique feature of this software; it has minimum operating system that is android 5.1.

Approximate download time:

This software has approximate download time; this is the most unique feature of this software. It takes 4 minutes to download material or videos.



Revealed date:

The revealed date of this software is august 2018.   T is most update software that can download material or content with very high speed.

3 All video downloader (Favourite Youtube Downloader):

A 4K downloader is easy to use; you have to copy the URL and paste it in the software.

Due to simplicity it is used and liked by a wide range of people.

It performs downloading very safely and provides you multiple options to download a video.

You can download a full playlist for you at once, after pasting the URL there is also an option to change the quality of a video. It supports video quality of 4k and 360 degrees videos.

4k Video Downloader Features:

  • It directly transfers videos to your iTunes library.
  • You can download the video in 3D mode by using a small special icon available.
  • Along with YouTube, it supports all video sites for downloading.
  • It allows downloading 360 degrees videos.
  • In case if a video is banned in your country so you can download it using In-app proxy setup.

4 All video downloader (Free Youtube Downloader):

All video downloader is also one of the popular YouTube downloaders. It also downloads videos from other sites.

It supports multiple output formats and provides you with video in your desired size.

The use of All video downloader tool is quite simple; you have to set the parameters and select output format. After that search the video you want to download or paste its URL.

The trial version lets you download two videos and convert four after that you have to purchase one to continue using.


  • It is compatible with many sites.
  • It provides you video in so many output formats.
  • All video downloader lets you download video quickly.
  • It allows video conversions.
  • You can select the output format easily.

5 A tube Catcher (Free Youtube Video Downloader):

A tube catcher is free software used to download YouTube videos. It can download videos from other popular websites as well.

It supports the number of output formats including MP4, MP3, MP2, WMA, WMV, GIF, FLAC, WAV, PSP, MPG, VOB, and many others.

The best thing about it is that it can download the audio as well. It is straightforward to use, you have to drag and drop, and that’s all.

A Tube Catcher Features:

  • It is free and easy to use the software.
  • You can download videos from any site.
  • It allows you to create your presentations by recording screen.
  • It can convert FLV files into any format you need.

6 ClipGrab Video Downloader Tool:

ClipGrab is also a free YouTube video downloader and converter as an aTube catcher. Its downloading speed is faster and is easy to use as compared to others. It can also download videos from some more sites other than YouTube.

ClipGrap supports so many formats and, can convert video into MP3, OGG Vorbis, OGG Theora MPEG4 and WMV. You can download the original FLV or MPEG4 videos without turning them.

It keeps updating regularly, so make sure to update it so that it continues working without any stop.

It supports all sites, but it cannot perform the conversion for all other places but YouTube. The conversion feature for other sites is limited to few formats.


  • ClipGrab can convert videos from one format to another.
  • The formats supported are MP4, WMV, OGG, MP3.
  • It allows you to select the quality format from the drop-down menu.
  • It can download videos in HD format.

5. FastestTube YouTube downloader tool:

The FastestTube is a free YouTube video downloader which allows you to download videos easily. It is one of the best YouTube video downloader enabling you to download video from YouTube directly. You do not have to copy URL and then paste it etc. click on the download button, and that’s all.

FastestTube is compatible with all the browsers, so you don’t have to worry about whatever browser you are using.

The downloading method is so easy; you have to open the video you want to download, locate the download button under the video player, select the type and resolution and then download it.


  • It has pop-up remover that helps you remove the annoying ads.
  • You can download videos in many qualities.
  • It supports all formats.
  • It can download videos from all browsers.

7 Free YouTube Download Videos:

One of the most downloaded and popular YouTube downloaders available. It lets you download and convert videos easily for offline viewing.

The downloading method is straightforward, after you have installed this best YouTube video downloader, copy the link address of the video from YouTube paste it in the field provided in the downloader and that’s all. It will transfer videos to iTunes by itself and then convert them to the iPad/ iPhone/ iPod.

Free YouTube Download allows you to save some videos at the same time in a few seconds.

You can choose any video format between MP4, MKV up to 8K UHD, WEBM, and MP3. They are all supported by the Free YouTube download.


  • Free YouTube Downloader can convert videos to MP4, AVI, and MP3
  • It can download videos in bulk from your personal or YouTube’s complete playlists.
  • Its downloading speed is so fast.
  • It supports many formats.

8. YTD Video Software to Download Videos:


If we say that YTD video downloader is the most widely demanding and best video downloader, so it would not be wrong. It has one of the outstanding downloaders.

You can easily save videos using it. A field provides in the downloader where you have to paste the URL copied from YouTube.

You can select any video quality you want and after that click on the download button given at the bottom.

There is an option to convert videos after downloading from the presets for iPod, MP4, Windows Media, etc.

You can download multiple videos at the same time, some of them would queue, and some would start downloading simultaneously.


  • It supports batches.
  • Its pro version can convert multiple files at once.
  • YTD is easy to use and quick.
  • It allows you to play videos in YTD.

9. ITube Downloader (Youtube Downloader for MAC):

If you want to download a 4k and full HD video in single, click. It allows you to save videos from 10,000 additional sites easily at high speed. You can record videos which cannot download like online videos from Netflix, a live scene from a match, etc.

The supported video formats are MOV. ASF, DV, M4P MPG, AVI and many others.it is not only a downloader but also a converter.

You can download videos in 3 different ways using the iTunes downloader.

  1. By enabling, download button on the video to download it directly
  2. By copying the URL from video and pasting it in the field provided.
  3. By dragging and dropping the URL into the downloader.
  4. It can record Skype video call as well.


  • Its private mode allows you to secure the downloaded videos with a password.
  • You can also schedule a video download by setting automatic shutdown or sleep mode.
  • Its downloading speed is fast.
  • It allows you to save multiple videos at the same time.

10. Chris PC Free Video Downloader:

Chris PC free video downloader allows you are downloading videos from many sites including BBC iPlayer, ABC, CBS, Vimeo, Veoh, MyVideo.de, Flickr, Metacafe, Blip.tv. It is easy to use with the capability of downloading the whole playlist.

It offers many features for free, but if you want all of them, so you have to purchase the license key of Add-on package by paying a small amount for lifetime access.

The video download history feature keeps a record of all the videos you have recorded. With the help of delayed video, you can schedule the downloading time of the video.


  • You can record live stream videos.
  • Its new feature link finder lets you detect F4M, M4A, MPD, MP4, M4V, MP3, etc. audio and video format.
  • The segmented download option improves the downloading.
  • It has a friendly user-interface.

11. Ummy Video Downloader for Youtube:

If you are looking for a downloader with perfect speed and efficient results, then Ummy is one of the best video downloaders.

It doesn’t offer so many wide ranges of features, so it is quite simple to use.

The downloading is straightforward copy the URL from the YouTube video that you want to download and paste it in the downloader. Your video will be ready in a few minutes depending upon the duration of the video.

You can save you’re the video as MP4 format videos, MP3 audio, MKV, FLV, MOV or AVI. You can add multiple videos to download they will process one by one.


  • The size of the size can be managed from the resolution.
  • It is virus free and will not harm your PC or mobile.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It is user-friendly and straightforward.


The best YouTube Video downloaders have been described above and now its turn to recommend you the best one among all. This software to download YouTube videos discussed here is non-comparable. Each of them is useful and easy to use with its different features.

What I would recommend you is either to have 4K downloader, iTube downloader or YTD video downloader.


It would be better if before purchasing one, use its trial or free version first if you feel it easy to use and liked it so then buy one.

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