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10 Best Micro Atx Case Guide and Reviews In 2020 (updated 2020)

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I this Article we reviewed A 10 Best Micro Atx case in 2019. As we know that the computer has become an important element of every official place. However, some people keep it at homes too to get an access to their official matters in no time and easily. Youth enjoy gaming; it would not be wrong if I say that gaming has been kept right at the top by almost every teenager.

But wait! What if someday your PC all of a sudden stops working? What if it gets jammed? Yes, these are facts. You can encounter such situation anytime. We have a solution to this problem. You can get your PC “cased with fans”. What is this for? Have a quick glance at its advantages:

  • It can keep your PC cool. So, this will help your system remain at a lower temperature and no matter how many components you add to it, your PC will work just fine.
  • Also, the casing can keep the dust thing apart. Anytime you uncase your PC, its interior would appear neat and clean, if not at least up to a greater extent.

Things you need to know just before choosing a Best Micro ATX case:

Positive & negative airflow:

Positive airflow is the one when cool air is taken in by the intake fans. However, negative airflow is the amount of hot air expelled by the exhaust fans. One needs to strive for a balanced airflow.

Amount of ventilation:

The cooling capacity of the case is directly affected by ventilation. If a case consists of a lot of slots for fans but does not have enough ventilation at the front and/or bottom, then there is no need of having so many fans.


Third, comes the compatibility. If a case has both of the above-mentioned features but is incompatible to support large coolers, several storage devices or graphics cards, then it is all useless.

Now, jumping straight away to the review part, take into consideration review of 10 best ATX airflow cases just before purchasing one for your PC mentioned below:

1: Corsair Air 540 High Airflow ATX Cube Case:


  • Dual chamber
  • Space saving design
  • Inclusive of 3 high-performance air series fans
  • Windowed side panel
  • Front dust filter
  • Interior is black
  • Rubber grommets
  • Vast expansion room
  • Headphone, microphone front ports
  • Dual front USB 3.0 ports
  • Motherboard with CPU cutout
  • 8 expansion slots
  • 4 2.5” tool-free SSD drive cages
  • Dual hot swap bays 3.5”
  • Fans support: 2x140mm, 3x120mm=front
    • 2x140mm, 2x120mm=top
    • 1x140mm, 1x120mm=rear

Pros & Cons



      This is a type of series which utilizes a dual chamber just to provide a cooler air to your CPU, memory card, motherboard etc. Also, for a better airflow performance they possess intake and exhaust fans at a low noise level. They are overall neatly built. It is fast in working with an installation process that is tool-free. An extra feature is its over-sized flush-mount side window with which you can show off your work.

      • It is very open for the airflow.
      • Parts come off easily.
      • It is pretty light after everything is installed.
      • It comes with only two spots for regular sized HDD.
      • One standoff seemed shorter.

      2: Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX Cube Computer Chassis:



      • Motherboard: Mini ITX / Micro ATX
      • Pre-installed black front fan 200mm
      • 5 expansion slots
      • I/O ports: USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1
      • Fan support: 2x120mm, 2x140mm, 1x200mm=front
        • 4x120mm, 2x140mm=top
        • 2x120mm=bottom
        • 2x120mm, 2x140mm=left/right side
      • Dimension: 13.2” x 12.6” x 16.7” (H x W x D)
      • Radiator support: 1x240mm, 1x140mm=front
        • 2x240mm, 1x280mm=top
        • 1x120mm=rear
        • 1x240mm, 1x280mm=left/right side

      Pros & Cons



          This is the one offering an excellent thermal solution that is stackable and flexible at the same time. For dual systems, it gives externally modular upgrades. It is designed so that it can be used in either position, vertical or horizontal. The cooling performance is outstanding. It owns an immensely powerful system.

          • It is roomy.
          • It can best hold a lot of air flow.
          • The Atx case is a module case.
          • It can get scratched very easily.
          • It lacks any HDD cooling.

          3: NZXT S340 Mid Tower Computer Case:



          • Drive Bays: 3 internal 3.5″ and 2 internal 2.5″
          • External connectors include 2 USB 3.0, 1 audio and 1 microphone port
          • 2 cooling 120mm fans
          • 7 expansion slots
          • Motherboards: ATX, micro ATX, and mini ATX
          • Multiple dust filters
          • Window side panel
          • Cable management

          Pros & Cons



              It is being constructed with almost 90% steel. NZXT stands as one of the best micro ATX cases. This is the fact that it is the most durable type of case available. A spacious interior, however, provides you with a sea of space. Grommet-less steal management bar splits the front intake from rest of the case. Captive thumbscrews, audio jacks, and over20 cable management points are extra add-ons.

              • It is a sturdy case.
              • It gives great space for wiring.
              • Its design is quite sleek.
              • The side window is of plastic so can scratch easily.
              • The case appears a little cheap.

              4: Fractal Design Define C No Power Supply ATX Case:



              • Large clear panel window
              • SSD plate that supports up to three 2.5” SSDs
              • A 3.5” drive cage that is fully removable
              • Included top magnetic dust filter
              • Supports up to three radiators
              • The power supply is shrouded that conceals extra cabling for an even clearer view
              • Compact form shorter factor case with optimized interior
              • Inclusive of loop cable management straps
              • Fractal design hook

              Pros & Cons



                  A product that is optimized for increased airflow and high computing. Its interior is an open-air layout. It is designed while configurability was kept in mind to accommodate up to 5 drives and 7 PCI cards. And here it has the define C that makes it supremely easy to create a clean built.

                  • It is very compact.
                  • It can easily be moved.
                  • Airflow is quite good.
                  • The cable management is not that good.
                  • It lacks a slot for an optical drive.

                  5: Cooler Master N200- (Best Micro Atx Case)



                  • Dimensions: 160mm tall
                  • Four 2.5” SSDs
                  • Three 3.5” HDDs
                  • Supports 120mm radiators
                  • Also supports installing 120mm and 240mm radiators
                  • Two high-quality fans
                  • Large air vents

                  Pros & Cons



                      The latest addition to the Cooler Master is N200. They provide an excessive water cooling support along with the best air cooling performance. Its design is way simplistic one. Its size is compact as well. It is a combination of so many wonderful features in one beastie.

                      • It is spacious in a real sense.
                      • Airflow options are excellent.
                      • Dust meshes are installed everywhere.
                      • Sheet metal it has is very thin.
                      • Cable routing can get dicey.

                      6: Thermaltake ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case:



                      • Front Speed 2
                      • USB 3.0 Super Speed
                      • EasySwap HDD bays
                      • PitStop 4
                      • Advanced cable management
                      • Smart look security system
                      • A combat headset holder
                      • PSU design for an easy installation


                      Well as its name implies, this edition is far more attractive than its black version. This kind has all of the obligatory features and is perfect for a gaming case. Consisting of hot-swappable bays it has stood one of the pieces out on the market although a bit pricey.

                      • It provides more free space.
                      • Its installation is tool-free.
                      • It can hold up even big-sized gaming PC components.
                      • Its construction is a bit flimsy.
                      • The design scheme is a bit inconsistent.

                      Pros & Cons


                          7: Thermaltake Core X2 Micro ATX Case



                          • The case is M-ATX cube case
                          • Dimension: 465 x 320 x 541mm
                          • The side panel is a transparent window
                          • Color is both exterior & interior black
                          • Cooling: front fan=120x120x25mm, Rear fan=120x120x25mm
                          • Drive bays: 3x5.25”= accessible, 4x 3.5” or 2.5”= hidden
                          • 5 expansion slots
                          • I/O port = USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1
                          • Motherboards: 6.7” x 6.7” (mini ITX), 9.6” x 9.6” (micro ATX)

                          Pros & Cons



                              Thermaltake Core X2 has an endless capacity that is stackable. It can be, because of its expanded interior used as a file server as well as dual systems. Now with this, the chassis can get customized for the best viewing presentation because it owns an interchangeable window. An outstanding cool performance is delivered with this.

                              • It is the biggest case.
                              • It has room for 2 power supplies.
                              • Thermaltake case is stackable.
                              • Side fan holders are missing.
                              • It has a large footprint.

                              8: Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Airflow Edition, Full Tower ATX Case:



                              • Full-tower case type
                              • Plastic, steel, and aluminum made
                              • 9 slots
                              • Drive Bays: 3x external 5.25”, 8x internal 2.5/3.5”, 4x internal 2.5”
                              • Dimension is 21.5 x 9.3 x 22 inches
                              • ATX, E-ATX, m ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ATX, XL-ATX are the motherboard form factors
                              • Front fans= 2x 140mm, Rear fans= 1x140mm, top fans=3x 140mm and bottom fans= 2x140mm
                              • I/O= 2x USB 2.0 & 2x USB 3.0, 1 x headphones and 1x microphones

                              Pros & Cons



                                  This case is a combination of three things needed in any case, expansion flexibility, a room for advanced cooling options, and interior design superbly made that is optimized for easy and quick upgrades. Plastic add-ons with a clean and elegant exterior enhance its beauty.

                                  • It is well-crafted.
                                  • It gives you a lot of room.
                                  • The magnetic filter screen is good.
                                  • It has got a low quality plastic material.
                                  • No fan management is included.

                                  9: Antec Antec Value Solution Series Mini-ITX Micro-ATX Mini Tower Computer Case - VSK3000B-U3:



                                  • Sleek stylish design
                                  • Powerful workstation
                                  • Owns a quick release button
                                  • Tool-less installation
                                  • Vertical installation

                                  Pros & Cons



                                      It is one of the strongest desktop cases of its moderate size. A quick release HDD housing system is perfect for the fastest installation. A tool-less case with vertical installation can free some space on your desk. It has a quick release system, with one button push the panel back towards the rear side in order to open it.

                                      • For easy cable management, it is provided with long front panel cables.
                                      • Fan filters are easily accessible.
                                      • Enough space to hide cables.
                                      • Its quality is a bit cheaper.
                                      • The door is flimsy.

                                      10: Corsair Graphite Series 230T Side Panel Window with RED LED Fans ATX Compact Mid-Tower Computer Case – Black:



                                      • Dimension is 505 x 210 x 440mm
                                      • The form factor is mid-tower
                                      • 7 expansion slots
                                      • ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX supported
                                      • 2 years warranty
                                      • Steel aesthetic panels with high airflow front fascia
                                      • Drive Bays: (4)2.5” (4)3.5” (3)5.25”
                                      • The power supply is up to 200mm ATX PSU
                                      • Cooling: (x2) x 120mm=front, (x2) x 140/120mm=top, (x1) x 120mm=rear, (x1) x 140/120mm=bottom
                                      • Front I/O is (x2) USB 3.0

                                      Pros & Cons



                                          One of the simplest and straight-forward systems being marketed stands out to be Corsair Graphite Series 230T. It is a well-designed product with a militaristic theme and is able to maintain a slightly low temperature than the other products in similar price. A high quality-made product which has a spacious interior. It can quickly be installed.

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                                          • It can fix large massive graphics cards.
                                          • Its cooling is excellent.
                                          • It also gives great support for CPU air coolers.
                                          • This case lets in a lot of dust.
                                          • It lacks tie off points on the back of the case.

                                          Final verdict:

                                          Every single is best in its own way. Corsair carbide air 540 is best for those finders who want to mount on 3 radiators. Cooler Master is the best case for liquid-cooled system builders. Fractal can fit within its define-C large two radiators. NZXT kind is best of its kind. It has more added features and sweeping curves best for those users who try to seek something new. Every type has its own uniqueness.

                                          We have reviewed almost every type for you. Now you can according to your desire and need, choose one for yourself that could be either the best micro ATX case or a cheap micro ATX case without cutting your bank. In case of any ambiguity, leave a comment below!

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