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Best Massage Chairs In 2021 Buyer Guide | Searchvela (updated 2021)

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You might be wondering why I have selected Best Massage Chair to review on.
Best Massage Chair basically lowers the pressure on the nerves and make you relax. It helps the body to maintain its postures and increases the blood circulation which in turn let you work all day actively.

I myself an entrepreneur go through mental and physical exhaustion due to a load of work. As pain, fatigue and stress are something which happens naturally to anyone.
Now a day’s people exhausted mentally and physically after a few hours at work.

WHY Massage Chair? The reason is that most of the jobs are laptop-based or any other, sitting on a chair with all mind’s concentration towards the subject of duty. Then how can a person even think to remain to relax after going through such a hectic routine? In that situation, when a person finds a soothing friend to make him undergo massage therapy mentally and physically without reasoning is just like a miracle.

But what makes one thing then:


Yes! We want time for even getting relaxed and the price of the product should be affordable as well. Successful people all around the world prefer to get full body massage on weekly basis to show more productivity in their associated jobs. People hire massage therapists to pay out the heavy amount on each sitting and also take out time to get the whole session of comforting.

I want to make an addition here:

Majority of people loves listening to music while taking massage if you are also interested? Then high quality and trending Headsets might comes in your favorites.

I guess you seem quite confused about affordable massage chairs to buy. Aren’t you?
Problem solved! See what Peter J. Schubbe, DC guides about How to choose a Best Massage Chair?

Just you have to do a bit of favor, sit back and start reading to make a perfect selection.

The 10 Best Massage Chair Buy in 2021:

Here in this article, I have reviewed massage chairs which are best at all times but I can assure you these all suits you to definitely buy in 2018 and onwards.

1: iRobotics 7 by Luraco (Best Massage Chair for home)

You will be pleased to know that iRobotic7 is one of the best massage chairs. Most of the people especially old age suffer from great aches might be because of the sluggish nature of their job. This massage chair has gone through many of the customers and has become the top rated best massage chair in 2018 because of receiving a bunch of terrific reviews.

It is famous for its high quality provided by the well-known massage company named “LURACO Technologies” which has the great reputation in the USA. As the management provides the basic guidance, chair’s features with complete support policy to the customer in a very facilitating way.

(The best part it upholds is of easiness and its non-complex nature. People find it user-friendly and simple to adjust according to their needs and requirements. You find it interesting that the shipping is totally free and after buying it, you can check it for 90 days in a row. In some of the exceptional cases, the user finds a problem in the iRobotic 7 massage chair than half of the shipping price returns which definitely seems to be very gentle.)

After so much research I have found two of the products which might get your attention to get in your cart and one of which is INADA DreamWave Chair. The product has upgraded deep relaxation setting through which the older, as well as the young, can take comfort also. The second one is Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro ULTRA™ Massage Chair which is famous for its advanced quad-style massaging procedure.

iRobotic 7 has the cool specification of 5 user memory control. Yes, it means that a complete family can enjoy the satisfaction it gives through its updated features. It comes with 5 years’ parts and 3 years’ labor warranty. This massage therapy chair can be positioned in your home in two easy ways.

How does it work?

(LURACO Technologies iRobotic 7 has the 9 automatic modes including soft morning, quick, night, stretch, sport, health, shiatsu, and TV mode. Simply select the best you find according to your mood and get started with comforting your body with a full body massage and listen to music as well.)


iRobotic7 massage chair has a very comforting design like a stuffed sofa. A roller in the foot area and stable neck holder.


  • iRobotic7 is the only massage chair that contains the FDL and UL listing criteria.
  • Smart touch screen.
  • More than 3 users can use and customize their very own massage setting at one time.


You can make it on a manual basis as well. Just you have to set the area on which you want to get a massage and here is all done to get on the track to enjoy the pleasures of comfort. Five users can customize the massage settings at the same time according to their will. It has the controller page is for the control of intensity and the positions of massage. You can select manually which area you want to get a massage on. The iRobotic7 massage chair has the phenomenal and versatile nature as it adjusts itself according to its owner. Moreover, calling iRobotic7 the best massage therapist is truly fair

Pros & Cons

  • This product has a versatile nature.
  • It is a durable product.
  • Overall performance is responsive.
  • Non- complex and user-friendly.
  • Well packaged and perfectly protected.
  • Too quick to respond.
  • Neck support issue in the start.


I believe that a well packaged and protected product in free shipping is too good to get in your cart. The issue of neck support is temporary. You can buy a small pillow to put behind your neck when the neck roller moves down to back. In that way, you will not lose the back support. It will take two or three days to adjust with iRobotic7 because in the start you will feel it’s too quick response which can make you think. But you will get to know after three days that it goes all well when it comes to perfect massage as if a real man is doing.

2: Zero Gravity LM6800 (Best Massage Chair on Budget)

In the listing of Best Massage Chairs, Zero Gravity Full body chair is considered as prime on Amazon as its yoga & heating therapy is phenomenal. People use to think that if the price of a massage chair is quite low then there will be definitely certain loopholes in it. Well, I must say in the case of this product. It is totally wrong. It is providing the same specifications as that of the top rated massage chairs. Zero Gravity LM6800 gives its users with excellent values and white gloves installation providing the best of the best quality at a very reasonable price. For price confirmation, you can check the Amazon site to get the better values and imagery of the required product.

(The factor that attracts the most is that, however, in the picture, you can see the one level of the zero gravity but the fact is that it has three levels of zero gravity. Best massage chair brand “Kahuna massage chairs” provides up with those portable massage chairs which are smaller in size than the others. Especially Zero Gravity is one of the small sized which can be fixed in any corner in the home. The management of Kahuna Massage chairs provides their customers with the generous support policy and warranty.)


Let me make yourself a bit aware of the warranty details provided by the company to its customers. It provides with best warranty service for 3 years’ registration. The registration steps are too easy. Labor, as well as the structural framework warranty, is commendable. The delivery time of this product is great as it is mentioned in most of the products customer’s reviews.

Another point in a review that catches my attention was that a person has not slept for a long period of time and when he got this friend which robotically understands his comfort. He finally had a great sleep then.

Another great thing which should be noticed that Kahuna Chairs brings the offer to get 10% off on the order of 2 products. As per installation, it is quite easy, still if you find something which is unclear. You can see the complete video of Zero Gravity Full body massage chair installation and get all the points cleared.

How does it work?

Finally coming to the main point that how this best chair massage price which is famous for its 3 level zero gravity works. This product does the vigorous massage and covers you from head to toe. It has the strong machinery because when you put your feet on the foot rollers, you feel like the gym balls. Zero Gravity massage chair has the auto as well as manual massage programs and they are: SH-Chiro Yoga Stretching Full body Shiatsu. Complete details are described on Amazon.


  • Design of the Zero Gravity Full body massage chair is a flexible and small size which can easily be fitted in the corners of the house.
  • It is in black and brown color.


  • It can be installed easily in very few and simple steps.
  • It usually takes 5 minutes to get installed.
  • Arms usually take time to get fixed up but in this product, it can be fixed very easily.
  • Further details are mentioned on Amazon and YouTube videos.


  • L track and heating therapy.
  • Auto Yoga stretching and Kyro functions are included. Computer Body scan technology. Advanced air cell massage technology.
  • Computer Body scan technology. Advanced air cell massage technology.

You can see the complete video of Zero Gravity Full body massage chair installation and get all the points cleared.


I personally after reviewing each and every aspect of the Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna Massage Chair believes that in such an affordable price with small size that can easily be fitted anywhere if has the con of thin foot cloth than it can be covered with padded fabric and the problem solved. However, it gives the 30 minutes’ yoga session in the manual but it gives 15 minutes is not a big deal as you can again take a start by restarting the time for the next session. After all the best massage chair review is that it has three quality auto and manual massage programs which make it worthy to be bought.

Pros & Cons

  • This product has strong airbags
  • Small in size than most of the massage chairs.
  • Prime chair on Amazon.
  • This massage chair performs greater than its cost.
  • Foot rollers are strong enough.
  • Designed to fit anywhere.
  • Footcloth is thin.
  • Only 15 minutes’ yoga session.

3: TOP PERFORMANCE- SM-7300 : (Best Massage Chair for big and tall)

Direct after reading the above mentioned quite detailed product review about the Zero gravity. Yet another in the list of the best massage chairs is from the same company i.e. Kahuna Chairs is Top performance massage chair. As its names completely clarify the mind that it comes up with the top performances.

Kahuna Massage Chairs Review

Let’s see how and in what techniques this product facilitates its users. To make you help in making the best price Searchvela describes each and every part of the products in detail. Okay, guys coming back to the point. Buying top performance massage chair is just like to make a dream come true because this exquisite chair is very decent to do what it is made for. Irrespective of the Zero Gravity chair it is quite large and is especially for big body people.

However, people with small physique can also get relaxation through the massage it provides but they have to manually set it for them which almost take a 5 minutes’ time. Of course not a big deal!
This top rated massage chair has a wide range of strengths. A thin seat cushion and a couple of small towels make it perfect for use. I surely make this under your notice that one of the customer reviews about this massage chair is

“LOVE IT! Probably the best purchase in my whole life”

Isn’t that great?

The therapist recommended massage chair has the manual as well as 9 auto programming modes which comprise of relaxation, pain relief, senior mode, Yoga stretch and quick relation mode. Among which Yoga stretch and foot massage mode are liked by most of its users.

A complete family can enjoy this generosity provided by the best management company. Users say that management promptly responds to help and will not leave you until they get successful to take you out from the problem you are dropped in. They provide with great delivery and complete guidance about each and every step.

However, if you can’t be able to understand the instructions on a call or so. YouTube videos are also available to make you facilitated, one of which shows the proper installation of top performance kahuna Massage chairs is below. Go watch it and if you still find some difficulty about any of the step, just go on Amazon and find the details about Kahuna Massage chairs to contact. I assure you they will respond quickly and guide you with the best instructions.

How does it work?

Top performance chair is one of the best-reviewed massage chairs. Most of its customers are happy with it because it does dynamic massage and is stout enough to hold your weight. Some of the other massage chairs are weak and become slow when you put on some extra weight on them. Happy to know that, this kind of problem is solved in its case. This product has the great foot massager which presses your feet gently from fingers to ankle. It works from the neck and foot over covering your spine with a slight press to your back.

Zero gravity feature has also been programmed which gives great comfort when enabled. It periodically squeezes your arms and legs in a soft way to make you refreshed. Yoga stretch is quite commendable in top performance massage chair with slow music for mental nourishment. All in all, it works in a very comforting and decent way


Top performance Kahuna massage chair has a very decent and attractive design. As you can see in the picture it resembles a soft sofa and is quite big in size. It is leather coated with thin seated cushions and thin fabric on the footer. It is available in black and brown color. Both colors present a modest look.


  • Installation of top performance kahuna massage chair is done in few simple steps.
  • Read the manual carefully and start implementing each and every step according to it.
  • Time taken for the installation is not more than 10 minutes.
  • The heavyweight of the massage chair requires at least 2 people to install.
  • Arms fixing is too easy.
  • Search YouTube for the complete guide.


  • It has L-Track feature. Main rollers are 6 in number instead of 4 rollers.
  • Soft airbags and strong foot rollers.
  • Automatic and manual programs.
  • Adjustable intensity for every user (maximum memory storage for 5 users at a time).

Pros & Cons

  • Good strong rollers and S & L tracks.
  • Preprogramming mode to facilitate users.
  • Full manual ride if needed.
  • Well, durability and versatile nature.
  • Hard foot massage.
  • Quite heavy to hold.


After doing huge research on each and every feature of top performance kahuna massage chairs. I personally believe that such a product which gives the convenience for the overweight people to enjoy the relaxation treatment on daily basis with tough massage is a great option to buy. You can wear socks while having the foot massage so that you won’t get hurt by the solidity of the foot rollers. You may need max 2 people to hold it with you. Assembly of top performance kahuna massage chair is quite simple and easy. You will find it great after buying it for sure.

4: MK-II Plus by RELAXON : (Best Quality Massage Chairs)

In the series of best massage chairs yet another product that rated high is the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus. It is famous for full body massage with Built Heating and Air Massage System. This is the best massage chair on a budget because it’s a perfect mixture of features in the offered price. It provides full-fledged relaxing basic arm, shoulder, foot massage and neck to butt massage which liked by most of its users.
Relaxonchair MK-II is somewhat similar to the Kahuna massage chair that costs of $1900. You can view it on Amazon.
It assembled in a very simple way, even you don’t need to read the instructions. Delivery of this product is damage free and supported by the company. As it gives the adequate packaging which can unpack easily. Three of the factors on which it is famous for is the zero gravity, air massage, and back heating.

About Company

Now come to the point about the facilities provided by the company. Relaxon chair provides the great customer support from the start till the end. They respond quickly when contacted for the assistance and look out for the problem until it is solved. Relaxon chair provides a 3-year warranty with registration. In the first year, the company provides their customers with parts and labor support and in the second year helps out with the parts only along with additional 1-year support for the structural framework. Value of the money for the product is pretty good in which they provide with all these facilities to their customers.

Relaxon chair MK-II is the best massage chair to buy because it acquires a significant amount of place in any room with non-complex assembling. When massage starts, it takes out the kinks of lower and upper back intensity which makes you fresh in just 15 to 20 minutes. One of the review which seems interesting is

WOW! It does a great job in all areas

Sounds good? Oh, wait! Let me tell you something more. Most of the people say that while having a massage on the spine and butt area, they get irritated with the foot massage as it is too intense. But let me tell you the solution to this. Simply OFF it. Yes, turn off the foot massage part while having the rest parts treatment. People have shown too much likeness in the stretching part of this best massage chair. Especially patients in the chiropractic office loved when they used this product from Relaxonchair.

How does it work?

Well, this portable massage chair doesn’t let you think too much. You just have to turn on the chair and it will recline automatically which looks quite cool. It has the control panel on which you can store the manuals and serial number stickers. To start the massage, you just have to push the button, sit back, close eyes and get relaxed. When the massage finishes it automatically turns off.


As you can see in the picture, it has a very relaxing design. Foot holders expanded to cover your feet. A supportive back to carry your weight. Arms are quite stuffed in order to press your arms smoothly. The overall design is It is available in four colors; you can check it on Amazon.


  • Installation done in 3 minimal steps.
  • No tools required to install.
  • Has wheels on the bottom, can drive easily to the room.
  • Arm fixing quite easy and can do in 5 minutes.
  • Simply unpack it gently and if not clear about the structure, read the instructions in the manual provided with the massage chair.


  • Supported L- track (massage from back to hip).
  • This product weighs 200 pounds 4 preset programs and 5 manual programs.
  • Computerized body scan.
  • Single hand remote control access

Pros & Cons

  • This product has intact packaging.
  • Only one person can install it in 5 minutes easily.
  • Chairs come fully assembled.
  • With the help of a controller, you can easily operate it.
  • There is no headrest
  • Manual is not well translated.


As far as the best massage chair to buy in 2017, Relaxonchair MK-II is one of the good choices to add to your cart at the reasonable price. It can carry home and can install by only one person but I recommend to do it with another person. Two people find it more easy to carry and install. For the headrest, I recommend buying a stuffed pillow for yourself which cost too cheap. But the issue is solved. Overall value, aesthetics, and the cost is quite good and reasonable enough to buy.

5: Medical Breakthrough 4 (Best Massage Chairs for sale)

One of the best massage chair include another product in the list and that is Breakthrough 4. It is well known because of its Recliner., Zero Gravity, Built-in Heat, Deep Tissue Shiatsu Massage, and Back Stretch. These are the main qualities which I have packed up with words. Now I am going to give you best massage chair review after reading which you will be able to make a perfect choice. People set it the product according to their own perception. They make reviews but to collaborate them in one para to make our readers clear about the product is the first priority of Searchvela.

Hang on for a second! I am about to start the product review.

Breakthrough 4 is a very decent full body best massage chair which makes you feel as if an actual human is doing a perfect massage for you, not just a plastic machine. Along with silent and simple feature, it gives one heck of massage at the same time which makes it under great likeness from most of its users. Plus, the price is too reasonable. Most of the massage chairs with high prices won’t come up with this much quality which medical breakthrough 4 gives to its users. I must say you won’t find the best massage chair under $3000 price.

About Company

The medical breakthrough company lives up to its reputation by providing its customers to notch chairs like this product. The management team is extremely patient, helping and knowledgeable regarding the chairs. If you find any problem regarding the chair, they provide you with simple solutions to your problem. A high rated company which provides great value to their customers.

The finest part breakthrough 4 is that its supports excessive, rough and tough use still it gives its performance as if it is operated for the first time. It has a magic touch which makes you feel out of this world in the drop in a place with extreme soothing and relaxation.

The medical breakthrough 4 is one of the best in the best massage chair world as it works above expectations. Spine, neck and shoulder massage it provides is just like an ecstasy for its users. The main thing it finds the edge in is the additional chiropractic backstretch which makes you 100% refreshed and take you out from the drowsiness. Zero gravity feature along with the intensity controls de-stresses you in a very effective way.

You might be interested in Infinity IT-Escape-EB Escape Massage Chair which has similar features as of medical breakthrough 4. Find out more about it on Amazon.

How does it work?

Medical breakthrough 4 deliver the awesome therapy massage. It has the preprogrammed massage techniques including the shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and six automatic massages with 2 memory functions. Manual massage modes comprise of the fixed partial and overall massage. The touch is quite real as of actual massage therapist. Its working is quite simple as when you sit on this chair, you will feel as if you are sitting on a cloud.


This best massage chair under $3000 has a small body scan system along with the attached foot and calf massage. That is designed with the roller for massage functioning with great force which makes your bones pressed to get relaxed. Overall design if breakthrough 4 is space saving i.e. you can place it anywhere in the corner of the room plus it will not damage the floor by moving here and there.


  • You can move it easily from the entrance to your room as it has wheels.
  • The space down the chair from the floor won’t let your floor get damaged by its movements.
  • The parts can installed simply by following the few steps mentioned in the guide.
  • If something not clear in the manual, you can also visit YouTube to check the how to install video of the required product.


  • Soothing infrared heat for the back.
  • Medical body scan. Unlimited customization of any aspect of massage techniques.
  • Additional chiropractic backstretch.
  • L-track design.

Here you can also check the small video to make things clear in your mind.

Pros & Cons

  • Every step is pure and reliable.
  • This product is incredibly customizable for different users.
  • This product has no issue with extreme rough use.
  • Your pain will reduce from minimal to no pain (guaranteed)
  • This product probably has no possible cons.
  • Since one of the customers finds it uneasy to lay on it.


Considering all the points related to this best massage chair in 2018. I made a recommendation that medical breakthrough 4 massage chair is phenomenal in the majority of its aspects. The customer which finds it uneasy to lay down was somewhat inconvenient with the toughness it has. However, it is not a big issue as this con can take as for granted because using a towel or soft cloth on the massage chair won’t let you feel its toughness. The breakthrough 4 massage chair with great features, affordable price, and free shipping is worth buying too quick before the stock ends.

After all and all… I personally feel that if one listens to music while having a massage then it is a perfect package of relaxation. You know what headsets make a perfect match for it. want to see? Here you go and check this out.

6: Osaki OS4000TD Zero Gravity:  (Luxury Massage Chairs)

Many of the recliners that are good enough to come under the umbrella of best massage chair. Yet another in the list is the Osaki OS4000TD Massage chair. It is famous for its best neck and shoulder massage as well. Its one of those massage chairs which considered by most of the bloggers to review in their top 10 or top 5 massage chair blogs. Its technique of deep massage with full strength is commendable and most of the users praises it’s this quality with great reviews.

Special Component

This massage chair specially provides its users with the great foot rub. Anybody having foot ache use it and get relaxed with its relaxing foot rub massage. Most of the users talked about its Muscle pain relief mode, as it is awesome and made them fresh after having it. The muscle relaxer presses the muscles gently from head to toe and makes you satisfied with a soft push.

What We Like

Another great thing about the chair, you must know is that of its company support. Osaki OS4000TD belongs to OSAKI which proved to their customers with the best management, customer and support policy. They believe to take care of their customers in time and to troubleshoot their problems in handling, assembling and using the product from the start till the end. They guarantee to give you full on maintenance until they take out you from the required problem regarding the product.

The leg massage component of Osaki OS4000TD is phenomenal because most of the users express that they enjoy when having the leg massage. The head pad has the leather padding which upkeeps your head in a gentle way as your pain gets relieved in no time. It stretches your back and shoulders; make you wholly solely enjoy the massage. Let me tell you about the short review from one of its users that.

WOW! It works AWESOME.

I guess this is enough for any of the product to buy and when one of the top rated massage chairs comes at such a great price is not less than having a jumbo offer. Let’s now discuss its features, designs, and how it works.

Here we go!


  • This product has the upgraded design.
  • The foot roller designed quite uniquely.
  • The product has S-track design. It is in three colors i.e. black, brown and skin. Leather coated and feels you like a puffy sofa.


  • Computerized body scan.
  • Auto leg scan.
  • Next generation air massage technology 6 massage styles.
  • Wireless controller.
  • There are more features of this product which you can see on Amazon.

How does it work?

It works quite similar to other massage chairs review. It has a hidden control panel which enables you to select even more massage modes. Simple is that you select the massage mode, set intensity and time. Enjoy! It brings out the pressure from the balloons built into the side of the chairs to press your arms and legs in an effective way. Zero gravity mode makes you feel really relaxed up to certain levels. It rough use? Still not a big deal. As it can go with even dozens of massage a week.

Watch a complete video of Osaki OS4000TD to make a better choice in selecting the best massage chair.

Pros & Cons

  • Tall people can also enjoy the massage.
  • Limited experienced people can also assemble it.
  • Effective and strong air massage.
  • Controls are easy to use.
  • Assembly is pretty simple and can do in less time.
  • Connecting air hoses to back is a tough job.


In the race of buying the enough best massage chair and then you come across the Osaki OS4000TD, then it is your good luck. The problem which users have with connecting its air hoses to back because it is hard. Still not a big job. As the company provides you with 2 help boys which aid you to carry this and also assemble it. So, problem solved! What to think then, click on the button below the image and simply buy this tremendous product.

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