This is Ismail. Yes, probably you can say the owner of this blog. Well, I don’t call myself the owner actually because I consider search vela one of my baby. Let me share a small story about how it came into being and how it named as search vela.
I run many affiliate blogs, which is already ranked on the first page of google for many keywords.
This starts from the day when I was brainstorming for the name to set on a new blog. I thought that I like “vela” word the most and also had used it in most of the blogs. So why not to add another member to the Vela family?

All set for the sir name, but what should be the initial?

Well not scratched my nerves to think on this that day. Once I was traveling by road and listening to music. Suddenly from the world of songs, I made myself to look whats happening around me. Everyone was stuck on their phone screens not even bothering who is sitting beside them. Well, I noticed the old lady sitting beside me also using her phone. I know its a bad habit, but what to say I couldn’t stop myself to watch her phone. She was searching for maps. Internet was quite like a turtle. So it shows her like “SEARCHING…..”. She waited for that, but I didn’t because I got the first name for my blog. Yes, it’s “SEARCH” because everyone searches for everything. So why not to make such blog which can fulfill what people are searching. Finally, I named it to Searchvela.

Search vela ” An Ultimate Science of Searching best” brings you all the important information about the products reviews, beauty, sports and much more with a surety that after reading the blogs you must be taking a big cart of products via internet wires straight to your door. Not only this but also get the whole idea of the term you are searching for.

I must say that I am very much caring for my babies and these all blogs are just like a family to me. You being the readers, so welcome to my family. I care for you, for your aim, for your money and for your special time too.

Simply this blog doesn’t make you confused to say what to buy or what to not? Which is good and which is bad? A proficient and clear information will let your problem solved. Have faith in what you are reading and then all is done. Not to roam here and there on the internet just like honey bees. But get stick to what you searched and what you found on my blog, and you will get the complete informative answers to your queries for sure. As Searchvela says, it’s an ultimate guide for you to have the best results for your searches.

Hope you find this informative and friendly.
Let me know, what you got.